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Soft Skill

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For a long time, technical skills were given a lot of importance in our education system. But in the last one decade, with the changing job market, soft skills got a lot of importance in educational institutions and corporate spaces. The other set of skills, usually referred to as ‘hard skills’ are backed up by qualifications and experience. Soft skills are related to one’s personality, attitudes, and behaviour.

Some examples of soft skills include communication skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and time management. Soft skills are the attributes of people that help them work more efficiently and work better with people. It helps one to navigate through a tough or tricky situation with ease; this knowledge will not essentially come from a technical course.

Most interviews today are measuring these finer skills of the candidate. While the technical and mechanical aspects of a job can be taught during the course of a curriculum, skills like communication and leadership aren’t transferred with as much ease.

With the nature of jobs changing rapidly over the years, it has become all the more important for educational institutions to equip their students with soft skills. It is often misunderstood that these skills are useful only for working professionals. Soft skills are better developed early in people.

We have started conducting soft-skill classes for Trainees.

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